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You have the idea, the passion for the cause. We help you turn it into action.

NJORD uses business acumen and entrepreneurship combined with insights and experience from working with health, ICT and development projects in developing countries. We stand with one leg in the corporate world and one leg in the philantropic - to learn and share for better investments.

Most of our projects are funders and foundations asking for Njord's advisory and training of social entrepreneurs.

We can promise you one of the most cost-effective consulting and training approaches you will ever get. Consultants are hired to match the requirement for each customer projects. No overhead for permanent staff, no plush offices.

Our tools and expertise:

  • solid process for strategy development and planning models
  • criteria and processes for partner selection, project incubation and impact evaluation, including benchmarks among international charities
  • sustainability assessment including detailed business case and operational success factors.
  • hands on experience from setting up social businesses in developing and emerging markets with learnings for successful partnering
  • we have performed training in incubators and business accelerators in Africa, MENA and Scandinavia. Courses: Business modeling, innovation management and financial management for entrepreneurs.


NJORD Consulting AB, Riddargatan 17D, 114 57 Stockholm. +46 8 559 22 057